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 This the first of many New exciting articles for the new Model Scotland  Website. Maybe the next one will be yours. The website will be what You the modellers want so...... We will also have a number of pages which are updated by the members of the Various management team so watch the spaces.

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The SAA was at one point the predominant organisation in Scotland run by volunteers for the Clubs.





The BMFA are the National body for the United Kingdom and provides all of the facilities                      of the SAA and is managed by Full time staff and Directors. The UK is broken into Areas Scotland however does NOT at this stage an area and would only become one if the members in Scotland requested that. At which point grants and per- Capita funding would be made available to allow a constitutionally formed Area Council run all of the business of Scotland but with matters of insurance and membership fees be handled by the full time staff.

Those members Joining from the SAA would be able to convert their Safety certification to the Equivalent BMFA Awards and current Club examiners could also convert to BMFA examiners.



The Large Model Association (LMA) is based in the UK. Its members are interested in the designing, building and flying of large model aircraft.


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